A balanced diet suitable for all

Good and nutritious food is a basic necessity in order to be successful in work and play. A wide range of food and healthy meals can make a difference in an employee’s performance and overall well-being. Everyone who receives food from us will have a suitable diet and a combination of menus that are designed so that each meal meets up to half of the daily energy requirements. We want to meet the needs of as many people as possible, and we thus offer a vegan meal alongside others.


Dagar offers a wide range of good refreshments tailored to your company’s needs. We come daily with food to companies and institutions and can also take over temporarily in canteens. At the same time, we can provide staff in production and clearing up. If you need catering for parties, meetings, receptions, dinners or other occasions, then we have the right solutions for you.


The Dagar Catering division employs 30 people, including five experienced cooks, all of whom have completed food hygiene and quality courses and have received training in the safe handling of food. We focus on recruiting employees who have initiative and who enjoy their work. Professional and well-organised working procedures increase job satisfaction, to the benefit of customers.

Menu of the week

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