Our supervision maintains property value

Regular maintenance of properties and their environment ensures that they retain their value. Maintenance must be done professionally, and care must be sought to prevent damage and neglect that might otherwise occur. Similarly, the property maintenance must be arranged so that properties stay fit for their purpose and can serve their owners in the most efficient way possible and ensure the well-being of those who spend the majority of the day in them.


Efficiency in building operations is reached when each area serves its purpose and all administrative systems operate according to specification. By utilising Dagar’s real estate management, you can maintain the value of the property and ensure maximum efficiency in operations, whether in the long or short term, with the satisfaction and comfort of the owners and users as a guiding principle.


The customer’s needs are the basis of all our work. Dagar offers companies and organisations co-ordinated service solutions, and our well-trained staff ensure a flexible service. We find the best solution, whether it’s for a single service or for a service solution where many different factors come together. Cost optimisation comes with proper co-ordination.