Cleaning Services

Making a good impression is important. One of the first things we notice when entering a company or an institution is the overall appearance and atmosphere. With our expertly trained employees and quality controlled, environmentally certified cleaning solutions, we specialise in creating and maintaining a healthy, safe and appealing environment at your workplace.



Dagar offers flexible cleaning solutions for every company and institution no matter the size.  We assess the needs of your business and find efficient solutions that work with your standards. Our well-planned approach ensures excellent cleaning from day one.

We train our employees well and focus on systematic workflow. We use the best tools, machines and mechanisms available and Nordic Swan Ecolabel-approved cleaning supplies. This translates to higher quality cleaning and positive environmental impact.

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  • Flexible service tailor made to every client's needs
  • Employees, training and teaching in compliance with every customer's demands
  • High-quality equipment
  • Nordic Swan Ecolabel-approved cleaning supplies
  • INSTA 800 standard


We specialise in servicing healthcare facilities. Our solutions are based on ensuring the safety of patients and staff with INSTA 800 Standard cleaning. We are an important part of ensuring good working environment for healthcare employees. Dagar services nursing homes, healthcare facilities, doctors’ offices and labs.

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  • Specialised services for your needs
  • Well-trained employees
  • Documented quality control
  • High-quality equipment
  • Nordic Swan Ecolabel-approved cleaning supplies
  • INSTA 800 standard


We help hotels create a positive and safe experience for guests and staff with our exceptional cleaning services.

Dagar offer a complete hotel cleaning service. By outsourcing cleaning services, you can add flexibility to set costs and manage differences in workload in an affordable and safe manner. We put cleanliness and health and safety first to ensure the safety of guests and hotel staff by employing systematic workflow, regulated quality control and sealing rooms, depending on your wishes. Our training focuses on making the guests’ experience exceptional.

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  • Room cleaning
  • Cleaning of public areas
  • Breakfast assistance
  • Laundry oversight
  • Control, management and quality control


The INSTA 800 model provides a cleaning quality level measurement and quality control system. The INSTA 800 is based on the standard EN 13549.

The INSTA 800 assessment system describes two main principles for the cleaning quality assessment: visual inspection and inspection using measuring instruments. Methods of measuring devices may be required for specific types of premises such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, food production, laboratories, etc., when the cleaning service customer specifies certain quality requirements or regulatory requirements.

The INSTA 800 method is perfect for companies that want quality above all. Our employees are specially trained in the INSTA 800 method.

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Cleaning has been our passion for over 40 years. Our priority is to offer quality solutions that work with the needs and standards of our customers and make their life easier.

We are curious and daring and keep a close eye on progress and new technology, with the goal of employing best practices. We thrive in searching for solutions that increase efficiency, quality and reliability. We enjoy trying out new techniques and technology along with our clients, always looking for the best ways to clean.

If your company is interested in embarking on such a journey with us, we encourage you to get in touch.