Professionalism all throughout

Our specialization is rooted in our years of experience, progressiveness and excellent employees. We have made it our goal to be among the best in cleaning, property management, workplace solutions and safety.
Dagar is a progressive company with a long history, but we’ve been in business since 1980. We employ around 750 people all over the country.

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About Dagar

Our employees’ active participation is the key to our success. We thrive on ambition and a driving need to always be at the cutting edge, limit environmental impact and our curiosity in finding and developing new solutions for our clients.

Our employees

Employee training

We emphasize job related training and from the first day our employees get the necessary training that focuses on safety and correct ways of working. Guðbjörg has worked with us for the past 25 years and has used her experience and training in her career development.

initiative and accountability

We encourage our employees to show initiative and take accountability in everything they do. Premizlav, our colleague from special cleaning, has followed these values ever since he made the decision to move to Iceland.

dedicated staff

Dagar has 750 people from different countries employed at the company. Our work environment is different from day to day and we know that the dedication of our employees is the key to our success. It is very important to Anna to have a positive team culture and fun tasks.

Our Values


We show our customers, projects, coworkers and environment respect.


All our employees are expected to take initiative.


We care about what we do, how we do it, and for whom it is done.


We are professionals with a passion for quality. We do our jobs with great care and professionalism.

The Golden Smile

The Golden Smile is an award we give to our employees for exceptional work. The award is based in two factors, feedback from our customers, their compliments and pointers and on nominations from our employees. The award is handed out every month and we also grant The Golden Smile of the Year annually.

We encourage our customers to use positive feedback to reinforce job satisfaction and compliment a job well done. We also encourage our employees to nominate their coworkers’ great work and help build team spirit and job satisfaction.

Join us

Do you want to work in a close-knit group within a well-established, family friendly-company?

We employ over 750 people all over the country. We know that a happy staff is the key to success and happy clients so we put emphasis on a healthy work environment, compliments for a job well done and great training.

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