Property Management

General monitoring, care and maintenance of real estate properties and their surroundings is focused on having the property maintain its value and activity and service the operations and people it houses in a safe, efficient and attractive manner.

Dagar offer multi-faceted solutions and complete service when it comes to maintaining and monitoring properties and their surroundings, all based on your individual needs.

The management of properties requires specialised knowledge, appliances, technology and management. If many different individuals are tasked with keeping up such a long-term operation, oversight is often lost and lack of cooperation can lead to wasted time and resources, can lead to operational disruptions and lessens the property’s overall value.

Our specialists ensure a complete oversight over the operation of the property through our real estate property management system, where work requests are loaded and monitored to ensure accountability, follow-through and trackability.

We have a long history of service and great experience, an intensive group of employees and a network of coworkers and can offer you the service, oversight and attention that your property and its operation needs.



Dagar offer janitorial services with a fixed presence at your workplace, full time or part-time, all based on your needs.

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  • Monitoring of the property and systems
  • Maintenance
  • Services
  • Other defined projects


Dagar offer maintenance services for workplaces. Our service includes regular maintenance and preventative monitoring as well as upkeep, so the value of the property, and its workflow, are secure. Our specialists are on location following a preplanned schedule, do upkeep, maintenance and monitoring and do the tasks at hand. Our clients can contact our specialists through our service web, to add requests and monitor on going projects.

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  • Monitoring of premises and tech systems according to plan
  • Maintenance based on plans
  • Repairs based on work orders
  • Service web
  • Service of house activities based on plans and/or work orders
  • Emergency services
  • Other defined projects

Dagar also offers a fire safety manager, real estate property management
and overall solutions in real estate management.


Dagar offer inclusive solutions to everything that comes into managing real estate properties. We offer specialised employees, the right tools and good work- and time management. We have a vibrant group of employees as well as a wide array of partners to ensure that we can deliver all services your property needs.

Our Real Estate Management provides a good oversight of daily operations and maintenance history. We can offer any and all kinds of repairs and monitoring.

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  • Operating plans and settlements
  • Accounting, billing, invoicing, cost estimates and payment
  • Condition inspection and maintenance plan
  • Maintenance planning and follow-through
  • Overall monitoring of properties and tech systems
  • Preplanned maintenance
  • Repairs by request
  • Emergency services
  • Service Web
  • Cleaning and specialised cleaning
  • Service for the property operation based on plans and/or requests
  • Fire safety officer
  • Other defined tasks
Borgir: An example of a Dagar operation and service solution

Borgir, the University of Akureyri’s research centre is one of our clients opting for a complete operational and service solution from Dagar. Borgir is a 5.400 m² privately run building that houses various informational operations. Dagar had a hand in the design and building of Borgir, and have, since the start of the building’s operations, overseen all operations, maintenance and management.


Make sure your employees and business are safe by ensuring proper fire safety in your company. Dagar offer the owners and managers of properties that fall under the building law nr. 160/2010 to fulfill the role of fire safety officer on their behalf, and make sure active fire safety is in place.

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  • Fire safety management on behalf of the property owner or manager
  • Communications with the fire brigade
  • Takes part in reported inspections by the fire brigade
  • Oversees monthly and yearly internal inspections of fire safety
  • Documentation of fire safety equipment
  • Emergency planning and rules of conduct
  • Assistance in fire drills
  • Cost estimates for improved fire safety
  • Follow through in upkeep and improvement of fire safety based on internal and official reviews