Specialised Services

To maintain property value and attend to things that are not included in daily cleaning services, we offer specialised cleaning solutions to fit your needs. With our specially trained employees, appropriate solutions and appliances, we focus on ensuring value and providing a safe and visually pleasing environment at your workplace.



Regular cleaning adds enjoyment to workers on-site, as well as being a vital part of preventative maintenance. We provide thorough cleaning that ensures air quality and is a crucial part of a healthy work environment. Our experience and knowledge are the basis for a job well done. Our experts evaluate the scope of individual projects in collaboration with our clients.

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  • Full cleaning of doors and walls
  • Full cleaning of glass and ceilings
  • Full cleaning of chairs, tables and utensils
  • Full cleaning of restrooms, wet rooms, etc.


Floor care is an integral part of preventative maintenance and the overall look and safety of an area. The look of the floor impacts the employees’ and guests’ experience of the workplace. We have many years of experience in maintaining and servicing floors. Our specialised knowledge is the basis for our success.

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  • Floor maintenance
  • Waxing
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Machine cleaning
  • Specialised stone carpet cleaning
  • Cleaning and maintenance of natural stone

Glass and

Clean windows and spotless glass is an important part of a company’s appearance. We handle window washing for a myriad of clients and use specialised techniques and methods that ensure everyone’s safety.

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  • Windows, inside and outside
  • Glass walls and handrails


“Safe Environment” is what we call the Dagar service that helps companies maintain unrestricted workflow despite COVID-19. It is important that staff is aware of their safety in the workplace.

Our employees are specially trained in the disinfection of surfaces employing certified cleaning products and methods. Dagar has a specially trained team for the cleaning of infected areas.

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  • Regular cleaning of contact surfaces with antibacterial solutions with up to seven active days
  • Disinfection of whole areas with "vapour"