Professionalism all throughout

Dagar is a progressive company with a long history, but we’ve been in business since 1980. We employ around 750 people all over the country.

Our specialisation is rooted in our years of experience, progressiveness and excellent employees. We have made it our goal to be among the best in cleaning, property management, workplace solutions and safety.

Our employees’ active participation is the key to our success. We thrive on ambition and a driving need to always be at the cutting edge, limit environmental impact and our curiosity in finding and developing new solutions for our clients.


Code of Conduct

Dagar hf. Code of Conduct clarifies some key principles that apply to all Dagar operations and must guide the behaviour of all employees. The principles relate to:

The code supplements existing Dagar policies, rules and guidelines, and it is part of the terms of employment at Dagar.

Personal Conduct of Employees

Employees must comply with the law.

Dagar expects its employees to live by the corporate values: Respect, Initiative, Responsibility and Quality 


Where no legislation or rules govern personal conduct, each Employee must exercise sound judgement and due care.

Whenever in doubt, employees should raise their questions with a superior or another responsible staff member.

Customers, colleagues and other business partners must be treated with respect and fairness.

Harassment, including sexual harassment, is unacceptable at Dagar hf.

Dagar demands that employees perform their work without the influence of alcohol or drugs.


Anti-Corruption and Bribery 

Dagar is against any form of corruption and bribery and committed to combating such practices.
Dagar competes for business on fair terms and solely on the merits of its services.

Regardless of local practice, any personal payments, kickbacks or bribes between Dagar and customers, suppliers or public servants are strictly prohibited.
It is unacceptable to receive gifts or other gratuities from business partners – unless customary in the environment and of a modest value.

Compliance with Competition Laws

Compliance with all applicable competition rules and regulations lies at the heart of Dagar business practice.
Dagar does not arrange with competitors to fix prices, allocate services, sales quotas or divide markets.

Dagar does not engage in bid rigging or exchange information on tenders with competitors.
Dagar does not discuss competitive issues (such as pricing, discounts,bonuses, sales terms etc.) with competitors.


Business Partner Relations

Dagar will inform its suppliers and customers about the Dagar Code of Conduct and ask them to take the principles into account in all relevant circumstances.

Dagar service delivery will meet agreed standards for quality, health and safety at customer sites.
Customer privacy is respected and applicable data protected.

Complaints are addressed effectively, and they are considered a valuable contribution to constantly ensuring high levels of service.



Workplace Standards

Dagar ensures proper working conditions for its employees, including appropriate health and safety standards.
Dagar tolerates no form of discrimination against employees; all employees are entitled to fair and equal treatment.

Dagar respects the freedom of association and the right to Collective bargaining; all employees have the right to join and form trade unions.
Dagar uses no forced or compulsory labour, avoids employing Children.

Dagar offers adequate wages that – as a minimum – comply with local agreements and regulations.
Employees are offered training opportunities relevant to the function they perform

Dagar respects employee privacy and protects applicable data accordingly.


Corporate Responsibility

Dagar operates according to principles of good corporate Governance.
Dagar is committed to continuously reducing adverse environmental effects of its operations.
Dagar acts as a good corporate citizen in all societies where it operates
The social, environmental and ethical commitments of Dagar must be reflected in all dealings with customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders.