Professionalism all throughout

Dagar is a progressive company with a long history, but we’ve been in business since 1980. We employ around 750 people all over the country.

Our specialisation is rooted in our years of experience, progressiveness and excellent employees. We have made it our goal to be among the best in cleaning, property management, workplace solutions and safety.

Our employees’ active participation is the key to our success. We thrive on ambition and a driving need to always be at the cutting edge, limit environmental impact and our curiosity in finding and developing new solutions for our clients.


Equality Policy

Dagar focuses on practicing social responsibility in the implementation of the law on equal status and equal rights of women and men. Furthermore, it is emphasized that the workplace is desirable equally for all members of society.

1.    The Policy
Dagar evaluates its employees on its own terms. With solutions of our projects we strives to achieve the best in our work force regardless of gender or status. This ensures that the company's human resources are utilized in the best possible way. Dagar seeks to achieve the perspectives and attitudes of both sexes and different social groups when solving tasks. Employees are valued for their merits, regardless of gender, race, age, ethnicity, or religion.

2.   Goals

3.    Implementation
The policy covers all employees and all operations of Dagar. Discrimination is not permitted, in any form. The human resource manager makes sure that the policy is implemented as well as maintaining information and reviewing the policy if deemed necessary. An employee who considers him/herself victims of injustice or harassment should turn to the next supervisor and/or to the human resource manager.

4.   Liability
All management of Dagar Is responsible for the progress of gender equality issues. Management is jointly responsible, but the ultimate responsibility is at the Executive Board.