Practicing Professionalism

Dagar is a progressive company with decades of experience.

Our expertise is based on that corporate experience and the skills of our great employees. We aim to be the market leader in our field of cleaning services, workplace solutions and property management and measure our success by the quality of service, safety and innovation that we provide.

Active participation and the initiative of employees are the keys to our success. We are driven by professional ambition and the everlasting urge to seek new ways to perfect our job, increase quality and reduce waste. That, along with our curiosity, initiative and discipline in creating new solutions, is the reason we are appreciated by our customers.


Corporate Social Responsibiltiy

Our goals and actions regarding social responsibility and sustainability are integrated into our policy, aims, values and procedures. We sincerely want to play a part in creating a good society with a sustainable future.

We believe that good results are in the long run based on a good balance between the economical, social and environmental aspects of our operations.  

We actively participate in environmental protection and programs concerning health- and safety, equality, training, education and support to employees of foreign origin.

Equal Pay Certification

Dagar are proud pioneers when it comes to equality in the Icelandic labour market. The company was one of the three first in Iceland to receive the VR Equal Pay Certification in April 2013. In 2018 we received a certification according to the IST 85:2012 standard that is the benchmark for the official Equal Pay Certification according to Icelandic law Dagar's employees are valued regardless of sex, race, age, nationality or religion.

The Environment

Our operations involve companies and institutions all over the country. We systematically work towards reducing our carbon footprint. Upon renewing the transportation fleet we look to renewable energy solutions and smaller and more fuel-efficient vehicles.In our operations we use various materials to clean, remove stains, disinfect and protect surfaces. We offer our customers environmentally certified products and procedures that reduce the environmental impact of cleaning and maintenance. Since 2009 Dagar's Cleaning Service has been certified by the official Nordic Environmental Certification process, the Swan, a worldwide leader in the field.
Dagar has a certified ISO 14001 environmental management system and wants to take responsibility in environmental matters and reduce its carbon footprint as a responsible link in the ecological chain.

Learning Icelandic

We offer our foreign employees to attend language courses in work-related Icelandic in co-operation with The Ministry of Education and Culture. Over 1000 of our employees have attended such courses.