Professionalism all throughout

Dagar is a progressive company with a long history, but we’ve been in business since 1980. We employ around 750 people all over the country.

Our specialisation is rooted in our years of experience, progressiveness and excellent employees. We have made it our goal to be among the best in cleaning, property management, workplace solutions and safety.

Our employees’ active participation is the key to our success. We thrive on ambition and a driving need to always be at the cutting edge, limit environmental impact and our curiosity in finding and developing new solutions for our clients.


Environmental Policy

Purpose and Scope
The environmental policy covers all the company's activities.  The employees as well as the board must respect it in all their work. Dagar offers customers environmentally certified cleaning materials and methods that reduce negative environmental impacts. Dagar's cleaning service is Swan certified since 2009.

Dagar want to take responsibility in environmental matters and reduce its carbon footprint as a responsible link in the ecological chain. Dagar operate according to laws and regulations and constantly looks for ways to reduce the environmental impact of its operations and prevent pollution. Dagar encourage customers to take action that leads to increased recycling, less pollution and improved utilization and savings in all areas of our services. By shaping the company's procedures with environmental protection in mind and by following the laws and regulations on environmental issues, managers and staff contribute to reducing the environmental impact of their operations. Dagar have set environmental goals and is monitoring the results.

Dagar emphasizes on:
• Reduce the carbon footprint of the operation
• Develop and maintain an ISO 14001 environmental management system and implement it in all of the company's operations
• Eco-friendly sourcing
• Maintain the Swan Certification in the company's cleaning department and implement it in other company activities
• Use environmentally certified materials and reduce use as much as possible
• Treat resources well and prevent waste
• Minimize waste and increase recycling
• Educate staff about company policy, responsibilities, and their role in enforcing it
• As far as possible, choose suppliers and service providers that meet Dagar's environmental considerations
• Monitor the development of innovations that benefit the company and customers for better results in environmental matters
• Provide advice and services to customers regarding the environmental aspect of the service

The environmental policy is under constant development and is revised annually.
The Environmental Policy was updated 21.08.2023.